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OSS Artifacts

It has come to our attention that collectors of OSS artifacts may be identifying themselves as “official” OSS historians. The OSS Society does not have an official historian. If anyone identifies themselves as such to you or has done so previously, please contact us immediately.

The same collectors may be inducing OSS veterans and others to part with their OSS memorabilia by promising not to sell items donated to them, by promising to return them and not doing so, or by promising to donate their artifacts to museums, including museums not open to the public. It is also our understanding that collectors have not been properly documenting these donations. Without such documentation, anyone to whom you give OSS artifacts is free to do with them as they choose, including selling them without your permission.

Please read the following two articles about a collection of World War II espionage artifacts that were donated the Camp X Museum in Canada and later sold:


If you have OSS artifacts in your possession, The OSS Society would be honored to receive them for the OSS Museum. You may deduct the value of your donated items as a charitable donation. The OSS Society can arrange for a professional appraisal.

We respectfully ask that you consider donating or loaning your OSS memorabilia to The OSS Society and not selling or giving them to private collectors or to non-public museums so that these historic artifacts can be seen by the American public. You can also rest assured that your donated items will never be sold or donated to a third party by The OSS Society.

If you have items you wish to donate to The OSS Society, please contact us at oss@osssociety.org or by telephone at 703-356-6667.